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Our Policy Framework

The core of our Policy Framework is the Jobs Guarantee,

which will ensure that every New England resident who wants a well-compensated, dignified job will have one.

The jobs created by the Jobs Guarantee Program will allow us to: 

  • Build tens of thousands of units of carbon-neutral affordable housing, particularly in frontline communities with shortages of affordable housing
  • Build community health centers all over New England, where people can go to receive free, high-quality medical care, whether or not they have insurance
  • Build a larger network of small, local farms throughout the region, and expand support for small, local farmers in New England
  • Build large-scale solar and wind farms all across New England, without displacing marginalized communities from their land
  • Build a free, high-speed public transportation system connecting all the New England states, and providing frontline communities with convenient access to transit hubs
  • Launch a pollution cleanup task force, restoring damaged ecosystems, and removing waste from frontline communities

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